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We specialize in breeding F1 mini and F1b petite Goldendoodles and Labradoodles. F1 minis weigh 20 - 40 pounds; F1b petites weigh 10 - 25 pounds. We also breed a few Maltipoos.                        Learn more…

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Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

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About Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles get their name from their mixed heritage - Golden Retriever and Poodle. They are a hybrid dog, a first generation cross. As such they exhibit "hybrid vigour," referring to the fact that the first cross between two unrelated purebred lines is healthier and grows better than either parent line. The puppies take on the best traits of both breeds. Most live to be fifteen years old.

Goldendoodles were first deliberately bred in North America as a larger version of the popular Cockapoo around the mid 1990s. Many poodle crosses inherit the fur qualities of the poodle, but not the texture. This means that most don't shed, or shed lightly, which has made them very popular companions of families with allergies. They range in color from cream to brown.

The AKC has ranked dogs according to popularity in North America. The Golden Retriever ranked 4th and the Poodle ranked 5th, out of 148 breeds. The hybrid cross between these two parent breeds are terrific family dogs, friendly, intelligent, affectionate and easy to train.

The size of the Goldendoodle depends on its parentage.

Standard - The parent breeds are a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle. They weigh greater than 45 pounds.

Medium - The parent breeds are a Golden Retriever and a Miniature Poodle. They weigh 25 to 44 pounds

Miniature - The parent breeds are a Medium Goldendoodle and a Toy Poodle. They weigh less than 25 pounds.

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